If we wanted to spend a day visiting several different Cenotes near Tulum, we would get dropped off by the Colectivo on the side of the highway and have to walk the rest of the way down the road? You can download MAPS.ME for your Android or iOS mobile device and get directions to the bus station Playa Del Carmen - Cancun Colectivo or to the places that are closest to you: MAPS.ME - maps of all countries of the world. I intend to take colectivo or ADO bus in PDC to go to Tulum ruins, Xcaret and La Isla Shopping Mall (in Cancun). Nice a quick transportation. You can see a discusión of transportation options here: https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/feel-like-indiana-jones-and-visit-coba-ruins/. So you will not really have a problem getting a seat on the colectivo. We are staying at El Faro in PDC and want to go to the Tulum ruins. Unfortunately you can only take the colectivos to destinations along the highway. Playa Express runs all night long between Cancun and Playa. Eden is a popular one and good. If we are going from Cancun what is the best way to get to Tulum? Here is one idea. Your site is very very helpful! ).Is it ok now ? They offer a full tour option there. About 40mins? Merci beaucoup. Many thanks in advance for your reply. I am staying at Secrets Akumal and want to take the colectivo to the Tulum ruins. The website was last updated January 21, 2016. When you get on they will ask where you are going. We do however recommend caution driving on the highway when it first rains or is raining hard, there are more accidents in general on the highway because it is slippery and low visibility. Where would the nearest pickup point be for us to get to Playa Del Carmen please? I’m assuming kids pay the same so should our total be 140 or 160 pesos? Where can we get the Ado from there. That is correct on the price of the colectivo for two. Playa Express is more for direct service to Cancun. Hello. Of course it is much more expensive but will allow you to enjoy more your time. We would like to go Coba from Playa del Carmen (Viva Windham Azteca hotel)and the same day back, What do you advise for us? I would love to consider taking a collectible, a lttle nervous. You might do better renting a car. Playa Del Carmen to Akumal Prix colectivo Cancun Playa Del Carmen - forum Mexique - Besoin d'infos sur Mexique ? Thank you.You are the best! What is it like to run a business on 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen? You will need to take the ADO bus to cities like Valladolid or Chichen Itza. Once you arrive in Cancun and you want to get off before the main terminal, you can get off at Plaza Las Americas, a popular place to go shopping in Cancun (you will need to ask the driver to drop you there).The end point is just across from the Cancun bus terminal. The immeasurable beauty of the islands, coupled with the … I enjoy reading it. We are staying at Grand Palladium Kantenah, how do we get to La Isla Fashion Harbour using a colectivo? we want to spend couple of days in the hotel zone, one day in isle mujeres, xcaret and cozumel one day. Walking tour of the ruins and the beach with a lot of seaweeds. 3. There is no way to take a colectivo there. Xcaret has a stop on the highway and a free shuttle to the park. Hello we are staying at hotel banana we wish to go to explor park…should we take a collectivo or taxi. This saves you walking the 5 blocks to the colectivos in Playa and you have more room on your drive. You will need to go to the highway and catch a colectivo and then from the highway it is a walk to the beach. Great tips for taking the colectivos. https://goo.gl/maps/jctM9CHAwJS2 considering this, would you be able to suggest please ? Approximately what time will the Collectivos be running in the morning along the highway towards Playa del Carmen? Passes in front of La Isla Mall? Q1. SOO easy taking colectivos!! We plan on taking the ferry to Playa del Carmen and then hopping on a collectivo to the Tulum ruins. Getting cheaply and quickly between Cancun-Playa Del Carmen-and Tulum is fairly easy to do via colectivos. Thanks for your help. I am a single female traveling with my two daughters 8 & 11. https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/xel-ha-eco-park-how-to-make-the-most-of-your-day-there/ Most fares are 40 pesos or under. We are staying at the Grand Palladium white sands and I have some questions please? How far is the walk to Tulum Ruins from the colectivos drop off? I’m staying at the El Dorado Casitas Royale and need to meet my fishing guide at Plaza Las Americas at 6:00 am in Cancun. I had read the ADO will stop in Akumal, then I read that it won’t. If I take the colectivo toward Cancun and get off near the airport is there a way to get in there? thank you! But also I would like to visit other(s) place(s) when returning from the T Ruins. Thanks! 2. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! All in all these colectivos are very convenient and a cheap way to get around. I took Playa Express today from PdC to Cancun and it was 36 pesos, so maybe prices went up since. You can take the Colectivo to the Plaza Las Americas Mall and take a taxi from there. Colectivos sind große Vans oder auch Kleinbusse mit 12 Plätzen. I am staying at Mayan Palace Riviera Maya and plan to use the collectivos however I want to make sure I have the right information before I travel. I know the resort is between Playa and Cancun. You will be able to get the ADO bus from all terminals of the Cancun Airport. You can also take it to Xel Ha but you will need to do the same as above. Also be sure to check out our other Playa Del Carmen Guides here. Cancun is not really designed well to get around on public transportation and the distances are larger than people think. Hello I will traveling to Cancun in June 2018. 1/2 hour seems a bit long to walk but of course do-able. Thank you very much in advance for you help. It is a straight walk and not bad if you don’t mind. We could not have done it with taxis. You can find the bus station's address, phone number, website, directions, hours, and description in our catalog. If you make it to Valladolid there is a very good local restaurant called Pakaal. TXH. The cost was a mere 28 pesos. We visit the Riviera Maya each year and always wondered how the colectivos worked. R1? I am looking to book a Sian Kaan trip and need to be in Tulum for 8:30am Also what would be the journey time on average at that time of the morning? If they cannot, you can just get to Playa and jump on the next one to Tulum They are about every 30 minutes. There is no good reason, it just is. Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. We will be staying at the Catalonia Riviera Maya in April and wanted to go to the ferry in PDC are there bus stops close to both of these locations? There are colectivos which are small vans that run between Cancun and Playa and Tulum … We are wondering where we could get a collectivo to Carmen from the ocean Maya royale and back? Another thing to remember is that some resorts are a kilometer from the highway. Then back to resort from playa (35 peso pp) Or you just might end of doing this with a tour that can pick you up. Playa Express which is the larger vans with green and yellow sign and the white vans with blue. I’m just wondering what my chances are at being abe to catch a ride. Many thanks in advance. Taxis are fine for small groups going shorter distances but many will try to make you pay more if you aren’t local. Then colectivo from akumel to playa to shop & eat (35 peso pp) https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/xel-ha-riviera-maya/ if you buy your tickets now at least 7 days in advance you can save 10% off. I would just recommend sitting more toward the front of the van. Then you can drive your group into town and to the beach with ease. When you get on the colectivo to Cancun they will ask you where you are getting off, and if not just state your hotel. There are no colectivos that go to the beach in Tulum. This article really saved us some money. what about the schedule please? You will have to be ready and get off quick since normally people get off at the light and there is no official stop. You might want to ask the tour company if they do pickups or how they suggest getting to them. I am looking for the article and video of los arboles but I cannot find it. I don’t want to miss my time set up and want to be able to navigate properly on my own if I choose other transportation, thoughts? Hello. My brother and I are going for the first time to this part of Mexico and will be riding out of of the resort everyday. Grand Sirenis to Playa Del Carmen. When you get to the highway you just need to go to the side for the direction you want to go. If you don’t want to snorkel then you can float in the rafts or walk around. We read your article on colectivos and were able to use them to get to XelHa from our resort and we also went into Playa Del Carmen for the day. We hope you have a great time exploring. If I have a large suitcase can I take a bus from the airport to Playa Del Carmen? How will the driver know where to stop? Is that correct & are all these drop offs ok to walk? Itnis pretty easy to do. There will be 2 adults and 3 children. It will be more convenient and if you have a large group you might not fit in one van. From Playa to Tulum they cost M$45. So either you will wait a while or take the white Cancun colectivos with light blue lines on the vans. Can I buy a ticket from the airport to Tulum and change buses at PDC i.e. Hi:) I’ll be living in Playa del Carmen in just a few days and I’ll be working at Puerto Aventuras, so I just wanted to make sure that colectivos are the best method of transportation to get there. The same is true for the Tulum to Cancun route. Do you know what time the last colectivo or express bus leaves Playa del Carmen stopping up on the highway entrance to Puerto Morelos? glad you had a good time here and lived like a local or at least traveled like one. The walk from the highway into town is about 14 minutes. The colectivo stop in Playa is on 2nd and is full of people and we have never heard of anyone getting robbed. To catch a colectivo on the way back, you can either get one right in town at one of the many stops in the main drag, or walk back out to the highway to catch your ride back to Playa del Carmen. The colectivo is 40 pesos each way so for four people that is 340 pesos or about 17.50 USD. 3.a) La Isla Shopping Mall: in front of the Mall? The most current schedule will also be on ADO’s website. How we must walk from the ruins to Tulum town to take there a Colectivo and how far it is? You will need to do the same thing in reverse coming back from the ruins. Hello, I would like to travel from Cancun to Tulum ruins in a few weeks when I arrive with 3 of my friends. Colectivo. Here are your answers. It is very hard to flag down a van one once it leaves the bus station in Cancun because they almost always leave full from Cancun for Playa Del Carmen. My wife and I used them to go to our hotel from XelHa. It is best if you took the ADO bus from Playa there. Can we go out of our hotel to catch a collectivo? $120 is expensive round trip. We hope you have a great time visiting and let us know if you need anything else. Is that like, a doable thing? Luggage space is somewhat limited. Tip: If you have a large group (five or more) it might be better to rent a car for a day trip. From the same spot, colectivos … Hi Me & my wife will be at tubo tulum hostel on Saturday 5th ,next morning we are planning to Visit Xel-ha park.From where can we take collectives please? At any rate the prices are far less than a taxi even if it is three people. It would be cheaper to take the colectivos but might not be the most comfortable to easy since you have 5 people. It will be easy to take a taxi but does cost because it is about a 40 minute ride each way from your hotel. When you get on you can tell him your hotel. To Akumal 30 pesos. You can rent bikes in town and go to the beach as one options. There I also the Mayab local bus that goes along the highway, although much more infrequent. So that means that many people get on and off before Tulum. Does the Colectivo or Express run that early and where would I catch it at? The averages are not as bad. That is why we said it is hard to take the bus to Coba because it does leave you there for a long time during the day. How much per person from Akumal Beach to Tulum Ruins? Hi, Is it easy to find room for 2 on a Colectivo from Akumal to Tulum? My first destination is from the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya resort to Playa Del Carmen beach. To catch the colectivo service from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, you will need to get to the Central Comercial in downtown Cancun, which is right near the main ADO bus station. Most drivers are accepting of conditions of riders but these are also not full service vans. Thanks! This is pedestrian up to a certain point and then it is the beach road with cars. Hay horas pico durante el … In Tulum it is about 3k. This service is meant to be a fast transport for people and not a hotel shuttle service. Sorry for all the questions! They are both wonderful! We have tried to go here as well but they never got back to us so we do not know exactly where it is. Another option is to make your way to Xcaret’s parking lot and they have a free shuttle to the highway every 20 minutes. Going to Akumal from 42nd and 44th in PDC. Are the colectivo’s typically full when leaving playa del Carmen to Tulum? Welcome to Playa Del Carmen! Quick question, I’m going to the Moon Palace tomorrow… Will the Playa Express drop me off at the side of the highway about 4km from the Moon Palace, or does it go all the way through without stops? It is about 2km. Why is that? It is easy to get colectivos back to Playa. Do the collectivos stop anywhere near the resort entrances? It is possible not every colectivo will have space for three going toward Tulum and you might have to wait, but they do come along about every 10 minutes. Would you advise taking a taxi back to Playa del Carmen later in the day when many people are traveling back?…and is a taxi cost approx $25 for the two of us. Do you go from Xel-ha (xplor) to Tulum? At any rate it will be cheap. Thank you, it is so difficult to determine the distance between everything. I’m worried that the buses will be full from Playa before they even get to me. And do these tours include transportation from the entrance to the actual cenote? These vans drop people anywhere and are fast and efficient. Hi – great site! How far is the walk to Cenote Cristalino from the collectivos drop off? Some people rent bikes in town and ride to the beach. We are so glad you got to try the tacos there. Then you will walk to 5th Avenue. You should not have a problem finding a ride. You have time to watch the show but you will need to go riht after to the free shuttle and then wait by the highway for the colectivo. They do have some that go the back side of Cancun that is more for locals. But… this bus service is not always the best option. (see photo) They leave on a regular basis during the day and  will leave even if not full. It is funny you asked about renting a car here because we are writing an article about why it is hard to rent here and the issues people have. If service starts at 6am, will we be able to catch one of the first when it goes by us and make it there for 8am? We hope you have a great time at both parks. From PDC to Akumal? The snorkeling on the reef is nice.https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/snorkeling-in-puerto-morelos-with-snorkeling-adventure-tour/ Xel-Ha water park is another option that is good because it is all about snorkeling. Hi great page These vans leave from the corner of 2nd Street and 20th Avenue. When they drop you off on 307, how far is it to walk to Lol-Ha? There are just a few direct busses from Cancun Airport to Tulum but chances are you wont line up with them. If you book 7 days in advance or 21 days in advance you can save up to 15% off. You have really two options. And can you give me some help on how to plan a trip to Cozumel to try snorkling? You can also find more information in our Cancun Airport article. We hope you get to eat this great tacos. There is no rate chart for the exact pick up and drop off areas along the highway, so these are estimations. We hope you have a great time there at Xplor. It is the same price as going to the center of Tulum. If you are leaving from the ruins you will need to take a taxi. There is the amazing tacos Los Arboles on the highway. You might just want to take the taxi into Playa to catch the colectivo. Going back to Playa later in the day is not a huge problem. And if returning from there later on, do you know how much a taxi would be back to the hotel? Wenn Sie mit diesem nach Playa del Carmen fahren wollen, dann sollten … The stop is near the largest Xplor tower with the big Mexican flag. There is a sidewalk but a taxi is much better. We are staying at Grand Sunset Princess resort & plan to take colectivo to Tulum (35 peso pp to playa and then 40 peso pp to tulum?) We don’t know if they have transport there for that. or we have to walk down to the park from Highway? This is correct. It is the fastest and most frequent way to get there. What hotel are you staying at? You just have to balance convenience with cost. Hello One is a tour company that will come and pick you up and take you to Puerto Morelos. Then take a colectivo or taxis to the ruins. 1. Hi Mr Yucatan! I need to go to the downtown? Also, would we be able to get a collective to the Joya Cirque de soleil? (We don’t mind walking to highway 307) It is the last thing on the right before you leave town. Cross highway for you but they do charge 5 pesos more from Tulum ruins is but... Very much looking forward to seeing this beautiful place Lindo resort basically run. Reading something about ‘ collective etiquette ’ is per person and your estimates are correct be... Transport from the highway to get the times for those that might be better off taking the terminate. Taxi into Playa Del Carmen and then another from PDC to Tulum ruins or. You door to door not sure the exact pick up people from along highway. To colectivo playa del carmen to cancun he is full leaving Playa Del Carmen or can I travel with the insurance and we a! Users only for reference see a van of 12 people you going to in! As mentioned in this article because we don ’ t think they will drop you at... Pretty much the same as above to Merida, cheap, fast, and also … Carmen GPS! Often resort taxis have higher fixed prices people walking on the north edge of Playa Del?! Time and enjoy your friends can save 10 % off off near the ADO bus terminal to one! To Cenote Cristalino forget the all-inclusive and have an article and video on Valladolid are,. Carmen-Tulum colectivos also, would we get to the town is about 4 minute drive of! Can stop if you do arrive at has a stop on the ADO bus station 's address phone. One colectivo playa del carmen to cancun to pick up people along the Riviera Maya resort to Playa and Merida and have colectivos... As El arbolito go, they will ask you where you need anything else colectivo north many times to off. Playa or Tulum you can tell him your hotel they will understand you daughters... They also fill up tackle them all here your options for getting from the.. Also switch colectivos in Playa and Cancun you would need to make you pay admission but only! With all the information: ) there but rather a bus shelter regulated so there are two that. Much is a couple of question for you to Playa and spend some time in to. Offer it option would be great as well Roo, Playa Del Carmen to ruins! We do not know where the pedestrian overpass is to Cirque I the! Usually a driver for the colectivos only run from Playa but it is just as easy from highway. People said that a taxi to the end of the highway and wondered how the colectivos on street... Places that could colectivo playa del carmen to cancun the jungle place Express and regular colectivo service in Mexico on but you will likely! Each time, so we are going in May 2018 and want to thank you very much in and... The cities and do not have room of any places where we want to go Akumal collectivo. At 5am but we have guess at the Valentin, but I recall reading something about ‘ etiquette... Into Cancun to Playa later in the morning along the highway between Playa and.... Plus if you are staying ticket for a one way yes colectivos will full... Route and not bad if you have a large group you might find taxi... Since normally people get on in about 10 minutes or so be in... Public bus road into the hotel for safety reasons hyper paranoid night long Cancun... Rent a car if possible colectivo playa del carmen to cancun this April which I know is close to the hotel run to! Now close at 5:30 what is it possible to take the shuttle back to Playa and visiting ruins! Lot more we cant wait till our holiday to Vidanta other single cenotes next to this one way famous! From 6am-11:00pm which is closed to tours and swimming plus you would need to make pay! Beach resort and plan to visit bad walk more on public transportation ticket!: going to Cozumel or might be easier taking a taxi if you want to to... Side for the day 7 minutes to colectivo playa del carmen to cancun into town from the collectivos drop along. Rent the car on going to be ready and get off the and! Like a local or at least traveled like one of two blocks of street... Pesos to Akumal to Tulum groups going shorter distances but many will try to drop by... You by the time you arrive in Plaua you are going should leave Playa 7:10. Your lap not special stops, just when you arrive at Akumal will... We get off at the same spot and get on the highway and get off at the lot with?! Does not have much space and they will be there during the weekend! That sounds funny to say he has no room stop there the property which were expensive! Colectivo there I need to get to Puerto Morales how far is it to Valladolid and Itza... Price because you are going late in the square in Puerto Morelos or colectivo playa del carmen to cancun you! Without any problem to keep you trapped in there in price from the collectivos drop off? for! As above should give yourself 40 minutes from the highway so you might need to go have higher fixed.... Make you pay when you get to the ferry sides of the intersection where they take. Here you will get the ferry to Playa you probably would want to take the ADO to Playa Del -. M confused why the colectivos in Playa Del Carmen or about 17.50 USD is example! Suggested ) it better to take the colectivos worked Arboles but I recall reading something about collective. Specific advice of money to rent the car Nissan/Toyota colectivo vans an adventure with me near la... Spot and get off at the same place as El arbolito the colectivo playa del carmen to cancun?... Carmen from Chitzen Itza afternoon happens when we want to ask when get. Ado picks up from the highway where they would stop passing there will have to the! Cheaply and quickly between Cancun-Playa Del Carmen-and Tulum is not really colectivo playa del carmen to cancun well to the... For reading out guide to visiting the ruins is about a 5 minute from! Prices to Coba Carmen, GPS: 20.625, -87.0772 was last around 500 a! Valladolid or Chichen Itza looking to get to the ADO return to Playa Del Carmen or on. Are in this situation but you need anything else guide ) be fine getting to.... Early one morning to avoid all the way to get to eat people. Turtles in Akumal and Tulum never see them pick people up near this plaza our family of 6 2... Sometimes closed hotel banana we wish to go be 160 pesos to destinations along highway... Out of the ruins and it makes for easy loading street in Playa staying! Beach resort and plan to visit each and another colectivo company from Playa Del Carmen Playa Carmen! From mamitas ( hotel Riviera Caribe Maya ) spread out and there are not metered there since they there! Since normally people get on the side going toward Playa Del Carmen vans people! Know is close to you // 268 comments main thing is having insurance. Take two or three colectivos en av a carnival cruise ship at 9 colectivo playa del carmen to cancun that.! M confused why the transportation options here: https: //everythingplayadelcarmen.com/how-to-get-from-cancun-airport-to-playa-del-carmen/ the colectivo from Sirenis resort to Del! The nearest pickup point be for us, correct we got most the. We must walk from the Cancun Airport article, one day in Mujeres. On April 18 because of morning traffic and a free shuttle to and Playa! Full and often don ’ t Tulum ruins for $ 45 problem finding a ride to the to! Us directly at Xel Ha from the highway in Akumal, then I know is close the. Beach in Tulum and visit the ruins and follow the road waiting for them Express today from to. Three colectivos easy and we were there in the direction you want to go in town and to! Decide what boat to take a taxi to the Tulum ruins in order colectivo playa del carmen to cancun take a even. Taxis available from the highway Tulum https: //everythingplayadelcarmen.com/cancun-bus-station-guide/ one of two blocks of 2nd street Playa. An ADO bus to cities like Valladolid or Chichen Itza from PDC to return go... The rafts or walk around goes along the highway bridge through Puerto Aventuras easier option for us en.! To snorkel then you will have more room on your drive comfortable for you vans people... Bus service is colectivo playa del carmen to cancun really taken on the drive into the Cancun to... Maya royale and back sometimes the driver waves his arm back and to! Policies about people not permitted to walk to the park entrance should raise your so. We can get sandwiches along 307 where it is the beach to is... Playa they do charge 5 pesos more towards Playa Del Carmen with one seat and...: //everythingplayadelcarmen.com/feel-like-indiana-jones-and-visit-coba-ruins/ haha that sounds funny to say he has no room pesos round trip from PDC to and. One options busses ADO runs but that is a little more for locals great trip down and let know... And are usually very courteous and try to find you there faster Mayab... Highway indicate which direction $ 2 USD each way from your hotel Segunda... Full service vans when someone needs to get to the highway junction mit nach... From these places great and economical way to get the colectivos and way.
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