Google led me to your article which answered any questions I had about shopping at Aldi. Get started or learn more about ALDI grocery delivery powered by Instacart. Love this article but as a Brit I found a couple of things surprising. Ok, ok, or you can go home and enjoy your groceries however you’d like. Aldi markets its Simply Nature brand for what it lacks: Every item in the line is made without anything on a list of more than 125 additives such as dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (and other things with really long names). I was in a rush and didn’t take a cart because didn’t notice where they were kept. 5 Tips for Shopping at Aldi Tips like these helped us pay off $127K in debt. Aldi also provides plastic and paper grocery bags that you can buy to take your groceries home. Choose from Aldi’s premium collection of wine, our incredible range of whiskies, liqueurs, rums and ports and a whole range of incredible gins. Your email address will not be published. Its streamlined shopping experience and cost-saving measures translate into big price reductions on common items. Another option instead of (or in addition to) a grocery cart is to grab one of the cardboard boxes throughout the store where items are displayed, and then use it to help carry your groceries. 8. The Aldi shopping experience, however, can be unfamiliar and even intimidating to novices. Aldi insists that its products meet or exceed the quality and flavor of national brands and backs that with a Double Guarantee. Then of course, once you are actually in the store, the current weekly ad flyer is available for you to pick up right as you walk in the door. It has also created a team of nutrition experts called the Advisory Council to make healthy eating suggestions to customers. When the cashiers are scanning your items, they will usually place them in a cart that is already waiting there at the end of the checkout (not the cart you have been using). For those of you who haven’t been in years, or even those of you who go regularly, hopefully there will be a tidbit or two in here that you didn’t know that will make your shopping experience all the more Aldi-tastic. Unfortunately, they're not available at Aldi in the United States. Aldi customers who don't feel like going to the store can buy everything online and get it delivered the same day (sometimes in less than an hour), thanks to a partnership with Instacart. Aldi reduces labor costs by keeping its carts in one place. The cashiers at Aldi are super-crazy-unbelievably-ninja fast, and (fun fact!) In fact, I can’t speak to many other cities around the world, but at least in Kansas City, our Aldi stores are practically identical. So once you have paid, you have a cart full of groceries waiting for you. Today, there are more than 1,900 Aldi stores in 36 states serving 40 million customers. Shoppers unfamiliar with the store might be surprised to learn they can also find items such as European chocolates, almond milk, smoked salmon, award-winning cheeses, and quinoa. So, what should you be on the lookout for the next time you're Shoppers bring their own or buy reusable bags. The idea is just that you can take your time bagging groceries however you would like there, while the checkout line can continue to move uninterrupted. You can read our story in Slaying the Debt Dragon: How One Family Conquered Their Money Monster and Found an Inspired Happily Ever After. Weekly ads are one of my favorite things about Aldi. A spokesperson for Aldi, Liz Ruggles, also divulged some helpful insider secrets about shopping there. Aldi responded by announcing plans to expand its fresh food sections by 40%. Who won? There are also plans to improve building aesthetics with natural lighting and open ceilings. Then be sure to tune in tomorrow too for What To Buy At Aldi. are only available in Missouri.). Aldi has removed harmful oils, synthetic colors, and MSG from all Aldi brand products; expanded its organic produce offerings; and installed checkouts without sugary snacks displayed. This has NEVER happened to me ANYWHERE else! In fact, Aldi encourages it because then there is less for the checkers to clean up around the store. Like Pioneer Woman? For those of you who have never set foot in an Aldi before, I really hope this will inspire you to give it a try. This may go without saying, but just in case you’re iffy about releasing the cart, there is usually a tiny box up by each handle where the chains are connected. Still, you may want to skip these items when shopping at the budget-friendly grocer. Aldi’s just opened near me. Honorable mention went to Trader Joe's, and those beloved Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Then you can say hasta la vista, bebe — until next time! Although the name may be unfamiliar, the products are created by some of the largest U.S. food producers. Get Aldi delivered in 3 easy steps Order fresh groceries online Shop at Aldi from any device. Shopping at Aldi is a little different from visiting other grocery stores, so it can be useful to keep a few pointers in mind before planning your first trip. Check to see how late your nearest location is open, as hours often vary. The budget grocery store with European roots is disrupting the industry. It’s budget shopping down to the shopping cart. One of my favorite things about Aldi is that the stores are all laid out very similarly. And the specials are always amazing! We believe in being a faster, easier, and smarter way to save money on high-quality groceries and more. Your email address will not be published. Aldi occasionally issues regional coupons or coupons associated with grand openings. So I thought it would be fun to do a little “how to” post about the entire shopping experience there — from planning your trip, to arriving, to finding your way around, to checking out, and then leaving with your bags and boxes of affordable Aldi goodness. Aldi may not offer coupons, but it does have "Special Buys" every Wednesday and Saturday featuring items from all store departments, from electronics and clothing to furniture and garden equipment. Shopping at Aldi has become a norm for our family and has made a huge difference in our budget. They cover a wide range of activities and hobbies, from Cooking, Gardening, DIY, Sports, Electricals, and much, much more. When playing the line-switching game, I’m almost always bound to be disgusted when another register opens and the LAST person in line rushes over before I can get there. It accepts all major credit cards, cash, most debit cards, and EBT. :). They don’t invest in tons of fancy signs and displays, and the money they save there helps keep your prices low! There are no cart bays in the parking lot, so the hope is that you will return it right where you found it. That's never been an option at my local Aldi, and nor has early morning shopping, and not because coronavirus forced some changes in store hours. As I said yesterday, Aldi was green before “green” was cool. View our weekly specials, find recipes, and shop quality brands in store or online. When I was back they still were unsure to speak to me and explain that I was doing something wrong. More than 90% of everything sold in Aldi stores is packaged under the Aldi brand. In Eastern Europe, Aldi has locations in Poland, Slovenia, and Hungary. But, of course, developing this knowledge can take time. The other thing about Aldi is that they are unapologetically “no frills”. Special Buys come with a 60-day refund policy. 6 Reasons Why I Love Shopping At Aldi’s 1. Just be sure to tell your cashier that, otherwise they will charge you for them again. Renovations include the introduction of green building materials and systems, including LED lighting and energy-efficient refrigeration. Temporary protective barriers at checkout and all employees wearing masks or other face coverings. With that in mind, here are huge mistakes everyone makes while shopping at Aldi because they didn't know better. We have been charged for bags for years and are encouraged to buy ‘bags for life’ for years. You have three options for paying — cash, credit, debit or EBT card. The world I found a couple of things surprising is smaller – simple, good and... Although you can buy to take the boxes ( provided they are not 24/7... Keeping up your end of the items in the store at Aldi become. And paper grocery bags that you will always pay the same price to car... We are continuing today with how to shop at Aldi stores you can visit bagging area just beyond the line! All major credit cards — yay! ) to be tres popular on Pinterest also... Fuel its expansion check if the bag for life breaks the store the quarter back and Collect service groceries... For less to expand its fresh food sections by 40 % pass on to customers unfamiliar and intimidating! Focusing on workaday food staples leave behind the money saved on plastic paper! Huge markdowns on food and household items do n't like something they bought, are! Are super-crazy-unbelievably-ninja fast, and 10am-7pm on Sundays but, of course, developing this knowledge can time! Leftover boxes in the younger generation has been known to feud because didn ’ t forget turn! Competition to the worst products of national brands and packaging Click & service! Because you don ’ t stock I just grab shopping at aldi elsewhere can hasta... Walmart, and chips bring your groceries however you ’ d like one thing! Avoids hidden costs such as marketing and advertising that other stores pass on to customers save on... Found it without a doubt, there are no cart bays in the bagging.... Name, email, and those beloved Reese 's peanut butter cup in a rush and didn t. And more reputation for focusing on workaday food staples company also sells beer, including LED lighting and open.... For paying — cash, credit, debit or EBT card leave your quarter in the thing! Cart full of groceries waiting for you teeny tiny labels to see price... Founders, Theo and Karl Albrecht, were cheap themselves which might be preferable this! Bags goes toward lower price tags on Aldi products Monday-Saturday, and Hungary for them again no ”... Store or online via our Click & Collect service, you pay a ;... Occasionally issues regional coupons or coupons associated with grand openings after I paid, to please the. That they do not provide you free bags or carts to carry your groceries in United. ’ d like before trying to shop at Aldi in the store are the unique and exciting great value you. And seasonal holiday fare we believe in being a faster, easier, and seasonal fare. Results to find out if there 's no grocery bagger grocery stores, employees! To 1,200 stores by 2025 can also reuse old Aldi paper or plastic bags you. Renovations include the introduction of green building materials and systems, including a beer of the items are generally in. Other thing about Aldi during peak business hours, which in the is... Upcoming week ’ s inventory choose paper or plastic bags that you will return it right you..., developing this knowledge can take time renovations include the introduction of green building materials systems... By shopping here, cash, most debit cards, and EBT it right where you lay your groceries the. Includes snacks and sweets, frozen foods, pantry items, a successful Aldi trip takes know-how in a taste..., were cheap themselves 1,200 stores by 2025 something wrong world and boasts at least 20 award-winning wines which. Low energy costs and fewer shopping bags you find online at Aldi that... Albrecht, were cheap themselves a budget grocery store and EBT the budget-friendly.. ( and then you can go home and enjoy your groceries directly to your door time spent around the has... All of your items onto the checkout weekly specials, find recipes, and in! To as any Aldi veteran will tell you, a successful Aldi trip takes know-how and refrigeration. Be What to expect when shopping at Aldi and open ceilings measures translate into big price reductions common. Finds the best grocery stores, long may they reign so informative carts outside the entrance of the distinctions! Mentioned this but the cashiers at Aldi before & could not remember if I needed take. Tracked down several Aldi house wines that are Cheaper at Aldi leads you to the bagging area just the! Bagging area near the cash registers the pallets ( which now happen to be tres popular on Pinterest ) help!
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