Cuddle and play with them in the shelter. I've been looking everywhere to buy or adopt a ferret, but I'm not having any luck finding breeders in my area (Glasgow). We must pay rent at our main shelter facility in Kirkland, where our 70-odd adoptable and newly-rescued ferrets are housed. Ferrets must not be kept in cages; they need about the same living area as a small dog. I want to adopt the ferret from a GOOD shelter. Just like a puppy or kitten, baby ferrets will require more time with their owners than adult ferrets. A visit to the shelter to meet the ferrets is the next step .We will also need to do a home visit , to help make recommendations for ferret proofing .It is most important to have a ferret knowledgeable that you can build a relationship with .If you have a current vet we may contact them for a reference . While there are several places that offer ferrets for sale, you should first turn to a ferret shelter to adopt your ferret. Shelters adopt out "pre-owned" -- those who have been lost, or abandoned, or rescued from a very bad situation. There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these options. Adopting a new ferret gives a ferret a second chance at life, plus it can … A ferret with a dull and rough hair coat, or an animal that is too thin, potbellied, or sluggish, may very well be sick. Petsmart is the only one that I know for sure that does NOT have ferrets. I'm planning on buying a ferret from Parrots of the World in Rockville center, but I was wondering if there are any animal shelters in NY that hosts ferrets? Adopt. I’m looking to either rehome my 1 year old ferret or adopt another one for him so that he isn’t lonely. Most importantly, I want to know information about the ferret I wish to adopt. We rescue sick, abused, abandoned, neglected and surrendered ferrets in Colorado and surrounding states. Ferrets in shelters are in desperate need of a loving home, so they should be the first ones that you consider taking home. $100 for a single; $150 for a pair; $175 for a 3 pack; We will never split up a bonded group. We take in sick, and injured ferrets of all ages. One ferret with adrenal disease, a common illness in ferrets 3+ years of age, can easily cost $350 a year. Thus, it is important to take good care of them and to make regular vet appointments. If you need a cage or carrier, we can help with that too! Learn about our amazing ferrets and how you can help! I live in New Jersey, so I don't know if the shelter should be from here, but I am looking for a young, playful, ferret that is kid-friendly, etc. Those ferrets will be adopted, but the people who don't know what they're getting into will adopt them and turn them right around to the shelters, where they'll stay without a permanent family until they die. Shelters can't even get a permit other than transporting them out of the state. I am looking for a ferret. View the Marshall Ferret Pattern and Color Chart. Or you can choose to adopt a ferret from your local shelter. If well handled by people from a young age, ferrets can become socialized and learn to see humans as companions. To adopt a ferret, research the needs of a ferret, find out how social the ferret is, make sure it is healthy, and set up the cage and environment before bringing the ferret home. There's several places you can find ferrets. We are a no kill facility. Ferrets received by shelters included elderly ferrets, sick and abused ferrets. Ferrets have an inquisitive nature and display a variety of playful behaviours. The Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association ( is a no-kill ferret shelter. As for the travel, a large cat carrier will be fine for ferrets to travel in as long as they have water and something to eat. Some ferrets may never be able to interact safely with other animals in your home.Ferrets can and will bite in self-defense, especially when young. After registering your ferret, you will be able to print out your Official Marshall Ferret Birth certificate for your new pet. Before you adopt a ferret, you'll have plenty of opportunity to interact with potential new members of your family. Educated Ferret Association The Educated Ferret Association is a 501(C) 3 that is dedicated to the health and well being of the domestic ferret. They can form a strong bond with their owners. I've found a ferret rescue centre but it's two hours away and I don't drive, and it would be cruel to transport a ferret that far on public transport. They are prone to intestinal blockage, adrenal diseases, heartworm, etc. If well taken care of, healthy ferrets can live up to 10 years of age. If you want a kit, then check your local pet shops. Ferret health is quite a concern for many ferret parents. My name is Mary McCarty-Houser and I have had ferrets since 1992. You can obtain more information my contacting our shelter director, Barb Clay. Most of these ferrets were purchased by owners who -- for many different reasons -- could no longer care for them. Where can I buy or adopt a ferret? You can't even own one. You can adopt a ferret from a shelter, buy one from Petco, or purchase one from a private breeder. If you want to adopt a ferret that needs a good home and a lot of love, you can check shelters and ferret organizations in your area, as well. Dook-n-Dance ferret Shelter takes in ferrets that people can no longer care for or just simply don't want anymore.
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